Ffoniwch ni i Archebu
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Dod o hyd i ni
Dŵr Gwyn Rhyngwladol Caerdydd, Ffordd Watkiss, Bae Caerdydd, CF11 0SY
Tall snow-capped peaks and roaring rivers, this is the land of the brave, the land of the becoming. 
An academy like no other, advancing young talent, sharing ultimate passions, and developing growth. 
This is the advanced Kids Academy trip to Scotland 2022. 
Starting on a fresh October Sunday we loaded up and headed North, like any good trip the travel builds excitement, nerves and friendships for a late arrival to the West Coast. We try not to just deliver a trip about paddling but involve the group in all decision-making and planning. We believe it’s important to involve the youngsters in nutrition plans for the week so they understand what they need to be performing like an athlete. Food shops are done as planned and the decision to who is cooking and cleaning each day. The aim is to give everyone as much responsibility to everyone as possible.
Kayaking for five days we look to develop and grow personal decision-making, route planning and group safety/ risk management, while pushing and increasing individual skill levels. We are lucky to experience some of Scotland's most breathtaking scenery and wildlife while paddling through untouched nature.
The end of the trip gives a chance for personalised debriefs and awards before the long journey home. This gives the now tight crew of young paddlers the chance to reflect and know what’s next for them on their own journey. 
Check out the video of one day from the 2021 Scotland trip here