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We were excited to host the BUKE film night from the 2022 British University Kayaker Expedition (BUKE) here at CIWW in February 2023. The BUKE expedition runs biannually and is an incredible opportunity for current university students to apply to be a part of the team. With the expedition only running every 2 years this makes it highly competitive, only 6 members get chosen on a selection weekend by their peers to be part of the team. Previous expeditions have included ex-staff members Elliot Goddard and Adam Vaughan who went off the 2019 and 2017 expeditions to Russia and the Philippines respectively. These expeditions are mentored by some of the most experienced expedition paddlers in the world and although left to their own devices in the wild the preparation for such trips is undeniably important. Last year’s expedition saw local student Piers Oliphant from Cardiff University attend the 6 week-long expedition to Borneo to discover unharmed waters in a sacred place. Check out the short film below or the full-length film here.