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Rafftio Dŵr Gwyn yng nghanol Caerdydd

Gan gynnwys troadau, troellau a disgynfeydd mawr, mae cwrs dŵr gwyn DGRhC yn ddelfrydol ar gyfer y rhai hynny sy’n chwilio am gyffro ac mae’n ffordd wych o brofi eich sgiliau padlo! Gyda digonedd o donnau a thyllau i chi ddangos eich symudiadau gorau, rydym yn cynnig yr unig ffordd i rafftio yn ninas Caerdydd!

Pa un a ydych chi’n chwilio i roi cynnig ar rafftio dŵr gwyn am y tro cyntaf, cynnwys rhywfaint o adrenalin yn eich amser sbâr, mwynhau gyda ffrindiau, ychwanegu rhywfaint o gyffro i’ch diwrnodau adeiladu tîm, dathlu Parti i’r Dynion neu Barti Gywennod neu er mwyn dweud eich bod wedi ei wneud – byddwch chi’n ysu am fwy ar ôl bod yng Nghanolfan Dŵr Gwyn Ryngwladol Caerdydd! Os ydych chi’n chwilio am hwyl i’r teulu drwy’r flwyddyn, yna mae ein Sesiynau Rafftio i’r Teulu yn addas i blant 6 oed a hŷn.

What's white water rafting?

Also known as ‘river rafting’, white water rafting refers is regarded as one of the most popular and exciting water-based activities around the world. Using an inflatable raft, you will be navigating a river and working as a team to overcome the thrills of white water.

The name white water is given to more turbulent currents, where the water appears white thanks to the froth. The term is also often used to describe currents that are less turbulent, but still somewhat agitated.

Depending on the turbulence of the white water, rafting can vary from a leisure activity to an extreme sport. In fact, white water rafting is also practiced as a competitive sport around the world, with championships being held between competing nations.  

How to go white water rafting

The two main components of white water rafting are the rafts themselves and personal safety equipment. First and foremost, you need to choose the right class of white water based on your age.

Whatever your previous experience, you will be assigned a professional guide whose role is to determine the best route, ensure you know how to paddle and instruct you how to stay safe on white water course.

What equipment to wear when white water rafting?

As part of your white water rafting equipment, you would be given paddles, wetsuits and helmets, as well as buoyancy aids. All coaching and specialist equipment is provided.

White water rafting for beginners

Families and younger children can opt for the less challenging rapids, where they would be able to guide the raft through the white water at a leisurely pace, since the moving water is generally flat and very little steering is required.

We offer white water rafting for families looking for a day of fun suitable for rafters as young as age 6. With lowered water level and rapid speed, this two hour white water rafting adventure is guaranteed include laughs, shrieks and a good soaking.

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More adventurous rafters should put their white water rafting skills and team work skills to the test by facing more rapid currents where the waves are bigger and the manoeuvres harder. Navigate narrow passages and cross currents, injecting adrenaline into your spare time.

Add some excitement to your teambuilding days or take your friends for a wild ride to celebrate a Stag or Hen Party with our novice & intermediate white water rafting courses.  

When to go white water rafting?

We offer white water rafting sessions year-round, whatever the weather. The courses last approximately two hours and can be topped off with a hot cuppa and some delicious food from our on-site café, so you can warm up after adventuring in the cold.

How much is white water rafting in Cardiff?

The white water rafting sessions at Cardiff International White Water cost between £40.00 and £55.00 per person. We also offer the reduced water speed Family white water rafting experience at £22.50pp.

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